Friday, 28 August 2015

iPad giveaway for our dear followers!

Are you jealous on people who have iPad's? Would you like to get one yourself also but are lacking of capital or money? Well, we think we have a solution for your problem. Hmm..what it might be? We think that the solution is to get one yourself for RIDICIOUSLY CHEAP! The real price of the whole process is your time that you will have to spend on answering a few questions. But why questions? Because then we will be sure that you are really interested in getting the iPad or any other Apple device and you are not a spammer or bot. Also with the questionnaire we will find out your desired colour and where to ship you products.

Sounds fair? To most of all the answer is yes. If you are also the one, who think that our giveaway is fair, please follow the LINK (opens in new tab) and grab your iPad Air 2 or any other Apple product which we might have in stock! (maybe Apple Watch or iPhone 6) The only problem for you will be choosing the colour :D #firstworldproblems

What cool features will your iPad have?
  • for the best selfies HD front camera 
  • iSight camera which takes up to 43 megapixel photos! Yes, that's right, up to 43 MP photos on your iPad! If that's not insane for you, then I don't know what is for you!
  • bluetooth 4.0 which is capable of enormously fast file transfers!
  • 4G (also known as LTE) network!
  • fastest Apple processor so far made - the notorious A8X chip!
  • really easy to use!
With your brand new iPad or iPhone or maybe Apple Watch you will be able to listen to music with the highest possible quality - 320kbps! Stream every show that you wish to see or post pictures with the highest quality to any social media service. It doesn't matter wheter it's Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat because photos with the devices mentioned above have just epic image quality! At least we haven't seen any person who is not impressed of its photo taking capabilities :)

Doesn't the new iPad air 2 look cool? At least check out how smooth and fast it is.. I bet that your friends will go mad if you get the iPad for free and they just paid for it from $499 to $829. If I were you, then I would say to them that "yeah I got it for free, but the clever ones run the World these days ;)"

Are you sure that you don't want to own an iPad Air 2 as this guy in the video? You can choose from 3 colours which all look really impressive!

But why iPad not any other tablet device?

This right here is a one time offer! By following the LINK (opens in new tab) you will be directed to our lottery website where you have a chance of winning REAL IPAD! Don't worry about the shipping costs as we will cover all the costs related to shipping. Also you don't have to worry about your iPad being stuck in customs if you live in Europe as we are willing to cover those costs (43% of the iPad price) also.

In my opinion the only real question here is - should you pick silver, gold or space gray? It all depends on your taste :) All colours are scratchproof and will last for years before wearing out. I have had my iPad for over 2 years now and it still looks like a brand new iPad. The only difference with the new one is that it has the so to say "Apple smell" if you know what I mean.
The newest and most advanced iPad - the iPad Air 2 will have fully laminated display and anti-reflecting coating which will make using of it even more fun! Now you will be able to surf the web even when you are at the beach thanks to its new and upgraded screen and coating. Also, it will have fingerprint reader so you will never have to type in that annoying password when you want to unlock your phone. Furthermore, it's much more safer now as people might guess your password. 
Follow the link and go get your brand new iPad and start using it sooner than you could think! Make your friends jealous or share this post with them if you want to make them happy also :)

What are you waiting for? Follow the link down below or click HERE!